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Richard Tipping & Chris Mansell

300mm x105mm, 74 leaves

Hand-made, limited edition up to 50.

ISBN 978-0-9807718-8-6

Photos and poetic texts, two extended poems and two short essays on the trees lining the pool of remembrance at the ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney, 2013.

Seven Stations: Love poems for Sydney


ISBN 978-0-9873057-3-2

110mm x190mm 36pp

This of seven poems in praise – mostly – of Sydney was written by Chris Mansell in collaboration with composer Andrew Batt-Rawden. The song cycle was premiered at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on 1.3.13 by Chronology Arts and singers from Halcyon and The Song Company.

This is the text only edition. The music CD (with text) is available from Hospital Hill.

The poems take as their starting point seven inner city train stations: Town Hall, The Quay, St James, Kings Cross, Redfern, Sydney Terminal (Central), and Museum. Each of the stations characterise something about the city - from a meretricious skanky puss, to Queen Vic reigning over her retailed subjects, to the invisible sharks always at the bottom of the Quay.



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Shoalhaven is a photographic series of painterly landscapes. All the images were shot on a mobile phone camera – a departure from Lea Hawkins’ usual photographic work of fine art portrait photography involving a DSLR, prime lens, complicated sets and model costuming, where much pre-planning and post-editing is involved. The images in this book needed only the right conditions, and the phone.

Lea Hawkins says, “This series proved to be a very fun way to shoot, almost like a photographic holiday. However. it wasn't quite as simple as aim, press the button and end up with a beautiful shot. None of the traditional rules of landscape photography were used here and not one of these images was shot at sunset. I had to test different conditions, often heading back to the same site to re-shoot. Attention still had to be paid to subject, composition and lighting. The app I use is fairly unpredictable, sometimes what I was sure was to be a wonderful shot was disappointing, while others that were not looking hopeful through the lens turned out to be surprisingly lovely. It has been a liberating change to not be in complete control, to have an element of randomness and happy accidents.”

Hawkins has lived in the Shoalhaven for most of her life and currently works as a photographer for the regional press. She describes the Shoalhaven as “...an amazing and beautiful place, from its pristine beaches with the whitest sands in the world, to scrubby bush, rainforests, rolling hills and pastures. I am still finding new parts of it and seeing the old parts with even more affection.”

Shoalhaven, Lea Hawkins

ISBN 978-0-9875674-2-0

102 pp soft cover 175mm x 175mm


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Chris Mansell Limited edition of 40. Innovative quad poems.

These could be loosely called ‘vispo’. Or not. More about them on the Chris Mansell site.

John Jenkins reviewed Stung in Cordite.